Balanced Café App

 “What is food to one man is bitter poison to others.”

                                        Lucretius (1st B.C.)

There are 7 billion diets in this world because there are 7 billion people.  No two people will eat the same and nor should they because what is healthy food for one person, might not be for another.

Diets have failed us because we have failed to figure out our own individual and ideal diets.

Balanced Café is a free app that will design an eating plan specific to your needs.  It is the answer to the cry for help I have heard over and over…”Just tell me what to eat to get rid of my extra fat, my cravings, and my bad eating habits.”

Welcome to Balanced Café where you design meals that you love to eat, that energize you, and that keep you on a path to burning body fat and optimizing metabolism.

Balanced Café works on two principles:

  • Everyone needs enough calories to maintain a healthy metabolism;
  • Everyone needs a balance of macro nutrients – carbohydrates, fats and protein – to sustain a healthy eating style.

Balanced Café calculates how many calories you need to maintain or reduce your current size.  It also calculates your meals to ensure you have a healthy balance of the three macro nutrients.  Without enough calories and without enough carbs, fats, and proteins, the body will fight you all the way.

What sticks is what matters.

Balanced Café uses a mathematical formula called the Balance Factor to ensure you are getting your proper macro nutrients.  Where eating from the four food groups or a variety of whole foods (ex. fruits and vegetables, dairy, meat and alternatives, and grains) has minimized micro nutrient deficient diseases (ex. scurvy, rickets, beriberi, anemia), eating by the Balance Factor will minimize macro nutrient diseases (ex. obesity, metabolic syndrome, malnutrition).

The Balance Factor works regardless of the foods you eat.  It does not differentiate between plant or animal based foods in the same way the body gets its calcium from dairy or soy products.  The Balance Factor is therefore, the tool for everyone’s success.

Download Balanced Café from the Apple App Store today because no one else’s diet matters but yours!

Balance Factor and You!

Tracking Your Way to Success!

Balanced Café helps guide you through the process as you track your way to success. 

  • In the Daily Tracking program, the black Caloric Goal and Balance Factor (Wt) board has a green/yellow/red function to help you know when you have met your Caloric Goal.
  • In the Calendar program, the green/yellow/red results from Daily Tracking are transferred to the calendar for a quick glance at the month’s progress.
  • The 4 the Luv of Food ‘Heart’ (situated above the program menu bar) shows your progress through a Calorie Graph, a Balance Factor (BF) Graph and a Summary page.
  • The Balance Factor Health Challenge, located on the Summary page, calculates a Challenge Score to inspire a ‘free and easy’ workplace health challenge.

Graphing Your Way to Healthy Eating!

Calorie Graph:

To access the Calorie Graph, tap 4 the Luv of Food’s ‘Heart’.  This button gives you direct access to the How Am I Doing? screen and your progress graphs. 

The Calorie Graph indicates whether you are eating enough calories and meeting your caloric goal. 

Your individual Caloric Goal is the minimum number of calories you must eat to maintain your metabolism and permit the body to burn fat. It is written in the centre of the green zone on the graph.

Your individual Caloric Need is the amount of calories your body requires each day and is written at the top of the yellow zone.

There is a 500 calorie deficit between your Caloric Need and your Caloric Goal.

If your app is set to Fat Burning, your Caloric Goal will be 500 calories less than your Caloric Need.  (Though eating 500 calories less per day does NOT equal a weight loss of 1 lb per week, it is safe to have a daily Caloric Goal of 500 calories less than your Caloric Need to elicit a fat burning response).

If your app is set to Maintenance, your Caloric Goal will be the same as your Caloric Need and is depicted on a line labelled Caloric Goal in the centre of the green zone. 

Maintenance Graph to Stay the Ideal Size

Your goal is simple: Eat enough calories to stay within the green and yellow zones. The closer you are to your Caloric Goal (green zone), the closer to 500 calories you can burn each day in Fat Burning Mode or the easier it is to maintain your metabolism and stay your ideal size in Maintenance Mode.

Don’t fall into the trap of thinking you are on a diet. Balanced Café is not about dieting. Balanced Café makes sure you are getting enough calories to permit the body to burn unwanted body fat and uses the Balance Factor to ensure you are getting a balance of the three macronutrients. This is your formula for success.

This graph shows a healthy eater who is still eating in a deficit which will force the body to give up body fat to meet its Caloric Need.

Staying within the Caloric Zones!

This graph shows an inadequate caloric intake resulting in a poor appetite,
a reduced metabolism and an inability to burn body fat.

Poor Appetite and Reduced Metabolism

This graph shows ‘Reactive Eating’ – undereating followed by overeating and an inability to burn body fat due to the yo-yo effect of inconsistent calories on blood sugar. Having a caloric goal to reach each day prevents the craving of poor quality foods and uncontrolled snacking at night time.

Reactive Eating

Balance Factor Graph:

Tap BF in the bottom left corner of the graph screen to see how balanced your eating habits are.

Look at the number in the centre of the green line.  The Balanced Café app has calculated your average weighted Balance Factor as you have tracked your meals.  Remember that a Balance Factor close to 0 means you are eating a nice balance of carbohydrates, fats, and proteins.  The higher the BF, the higher the percentage of carbohdyrates you are eating compared to fats and proteins.  The lower the BF, the lower the percentage of carbohydrates compared to fats and proteins.

Look at the black dots on your graph.  Each dot represents a daily weighted Balance Factor.   Your goal is to keep your daily Balance Factors within a 20 point range thereby keeping as many dots as possible in the green zone.

If your dots are scattered and not staying within the green zone…

Inconsistent BF’s Outside Green Zone

…your carbohydrates are fluctuating and making it difficult for the body to maintain stable blood sugars. This results in ‘Reactive Eating’: cravings, alternating days of under and overeating, and a loss of control over food.

If the majority of your dots are in the green zone…

Consistent BF’s Inside Green Zone

…you are in control of your eating style, your blood sugar is stable and your body has permission to give up stored fat as a source of energy to optimize your metabolism.

For personal support, balanced recipes, meal planning, educational videos, informative blogs, and more fun than you have ever had with food, come to 4 the Luv of Food’s Café for the cost of a Caramel Macchiato a month!   See you there!