The Official Balanced Café Tip Sheet

Use My Pantry’s ‘Make a Meal’ program to build balanced meals using the Balance Factor (BF).  The combinations of meals that naturally facilitate fat burning are endless!

  • How to Make Balanced Meals:  Add Ingredients in ‘Make a Meal’, adjusting serving sizes to your heart’s content.  Challenge yourself to achieve a BF around 0 or less.  

Balanced Café is an educational tool to shape your eating.  It is NOT a tracking device to become dependent on forever.

  • Don’t fall into the trap of tracking ingredients.  Track meals instead; it takes only seconds!  Selecting an entire meal from My Pantry is far easier than remembering lists of ingredients.  
  • We are creatures of habit and tend to fall back on our favourite breakfasts, lunches and snacks.  Change your meal’s ingredients in Daily Tracking if your meal is slightly different than the usual.

Knowing how many calories you must eat to fat-burn or maintain your current size takes practise. 

  • Work towards your Caloric Goal and don’t miss a calorie.  Do you think you eat too much?  Let’s see! Not eating enough can be worse than eating too much.
  • Eat between your Caloric Goal and your Caloric Need and use the graphs to make sure that you are in the sweet spot for fat-burning!

Be consistent with your Balance Factor and your Calories to achieve the results you want.

  • Let Balanced Café figure out your ideal BF as you track the balanced meals that you love to eat.  Once you know your ideal BF, you can look for snacks and prepared meals that are already perfectly balanced for you.
  • Eat a consistent supply of daily calories and the body will settle naturally into fat-burning mode. Check out our Food 4 Thought blog “What to Expect when Using the Balance Factor”.
  • Less calories and a lower BF is NOT better.

Consistency is the key! Use the Calorie and Balance Factor Graphs by tapping 4tlof’s Progress heart.  Simply stay in the green zones and let your body do the rest!  It knows what to do to improve your metabolism, stabilize blood sugars and remove excess fat stores.  Have fun eating again!

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